The writer is a 24 yr old guy from India who doesn’t fancy doing anything else except create obnoxious stuff about whatever he can get his hands on. And he is bored, very very bored. He preaches no ideals, no principles, and no morals. The only thing he endorses is absolute insouciance to life and everything related to it.

The writer recently wrote a book, a collection of four subversive comedy skits, titled “Saddam’s Hangover + 3 other equally insane skits”. Aided by virtually no other publicity except word-of-mouth the book continues to slowly but steadily creep into the unsuspecting lives of the innocent readers leaving their cerebrums bruised and battered with a level of inaneness that has never been seen before. Click on the book title above and check it out. Grab your copy for only Rs. 70/-

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