johhny johnny
yes papa.
watching porn?
no papa.
hiding boner?
no papa.
telling lies?
oh just fuck off you old bastard!

 twinkle twinkle little scar
how i wonder what you are
right between the thighs you are
almost like someone raped me in my sleep.

ba ba black slut
have you any cunt?
yes sir yes sir 10 bucks an hour
once in your pussy, once in your mouth, and one time in that little hole right between your ass.

pussyrash pussyrash where have you been?
I’ve been to your rectum
to cause an infection
pussyrash pussyrash what did you there?
I gave some poor assfucker a good dose of herpes.

suck suck suck my cock
gently down your throat
merrily merrily merrily merrily
give my balls a squeeze.

humped her dumped her shat on her face
humped her dumped her gave her a taste
all of her therapists and all of her family
couldn’t stop the bitch from killing herself.

one two suck my dick
three four lick my balls
five six finger my ass
seven eight open your mouth
nine ten swallow my load
eleven twelve now fuck off bitch.

Aids Aids go away
little Johnny wants to fuck
Aids Aids go away
Go mess with some old fuck who’s going to die anyway.