It’s customary that if you’re a slut you need to be dumb. However, every now and then a slut arises who breaks the custom and proves to be a smart slut. Diana, who married the freak-eared Prince Charles, got the money, got the fame, dumped his ass, fucked around, was a smart slut. Well, until the moment she went and got herself killed, of course. Then again, if a million people are shouting “Lady Di! Lady Di!” at you, it’s bound to catch up sooner or later. Ultimately, the lady did die. The same happened with Bruce Lee; people kept screaming “Bruce! Bruce!” at him and finally he bruised…to death. I’m cool with that. But what I don’t understand is the sudden surge of respect and adoration for this dead whore Diana (DWD) who’s being treated like she’s a martyr or a saint of some sort. All she did was fuck around and get into a car accident. And if that is the prerequisite for earning respect we should all be respecting the hell out of Anna Nicole Smith (May her hole rest in peace) who wasn’t even clumsy enough to die in a car crash. She, at least, stayed married to her husband till the old pervert kicked the bucket. That, in my book, deserves more respect than living royally riding rich cocks outside the palace.       

                People adoring Diana for no reason is almost as retarded as people hating American football star Michael Vick for being involved in dog fighting. People seem to be just appalled at the idea of training two living things to bite and claw at each other for the pleasure of a bunch of depraved spectators. Some viewers, it was reported, were so repulsed by this news on television that they changed the channel immediately and went back to watching boxing and ice hockey. It was interesting that the people who were most offended by the Michael Vick issue were white people. Apparently, they couldn’t digest the idea that people would chain other living creatures and use them for their own selfish purposes. That was almost like slavery, which was just unpardonable. Since when did furry, flea-infested, shit-where-it’s standing, stinking dogs become more important than humans? You would never see people get this ballistic if a human being was tortured or murdered. If that happens the only thing everyone does is “condemn it” and at the most “strongly condemn it”. But throw in a fucking dog in the midst of all the action and you got the entire world ready to judge and execute. It’s great to see how Americans are looking at everything that’s happening around them in the right perspective. Bomb to death dozens of Iraqi civilians, including kids, and it’s part of fighting terrorism and Al-Qaeda but coax a pit-bull to sink its teeth into the neck of another, the whole damn country acts like it’s got a lit up dynamite shoved up its ass. If it were up to me, I’d round up all the dogs in the entire world and exterminate them in a gas chamber. That’s right, I admit it, I’m anti-canine. I’m the Dog Nazi; the fur Fuhrer. In fact, the only reason why Koreans are so low down in my hate list is because they chop up these furry-assed motherfuckers and eat them as snacks.

                I wish I could contact Michael Vick because I feel the urgent need to buy myself a pit-bull. No, it’s not so that I can arrange dogfights of my own. I want a pit-bull so that I can unleash it upon Kapil Dev and get his fucking balls ripped off. This buck-toothed, has been, match-fixing, gibberish blabbering, greedy-ass cup of monkey shit is probably the most annoying figure in the world of Indian sports after Harsha Bhogle’s homosexual partner Gautam Bhimani. Fine, so he wants to start to a fucking rebel cricket group. Go ahead and start it. Why in the name of flying red balls does he have to come on television every day and whine and groan about what he’s doing? Either he’s moaning like a pig in heat about how he’s only an “ordinary worker who wants to work” or a “true lover of cricket” or he’s crying like a little pussy about how he wasn’t involved in match fixing. This cunt-face Kapil Dev is making more money out of sucking the dick of ICL than anyone could ever possibly imagine. And this piece of decomposed horseshit had the nerve to come on television and say that Sachin has never really won matches for India. So, on behalf of every cricket fan, Kapil Dev should shut his fucking mouth and go fuck himself.

                 And, in conclusion, I’d like to say “Fuck Diana! Fuck animal lovers! And fuck Kapil Dev!” They can all just swallow a fucking blade and die. Except Diana, of course. That whore is already dead.