(Created by 50 paise in his younger, immature days before he became a responsible doctor with his very own advice column):

God is the devil, he burns us alive
Made fuckin impossible rules for us to abide
God himself misleads us and makes us sin here
Forces us to wear masks, fuck our veneers
He watched over me tearin myself apart
As i crawled to the shore he lacerated my heart
You’re giving me the worst kind of pain, God,
Each one of my loved ones you find and maim, God,
I would never have fuckin complained even if you slit my throat,
You’re the fuckin storm which splits the boats
You split her life up, you ignored my prayers
You broke her methodically, layer by layer
What did she do wrong, God? She is Purity
But you put her through hell, you fuckin destroyed her security
Let motherfuckers trample over her pure heart and soul
Her role of an angel you reduced to a prisoner’s role
Her heart is paradise but you filled it with dark clouds
Her smile gave me light but you covered it with black shrouds
I did my fuckin best to be good I did it for her sake
All my interests for her I was ready to forsake
But that’s not what you want, is it God?, you are a perv
You’re unfair, you never give people what they deserve
You fucked our lives, I feel destroyed
What I thought I had is now null and void
I trusted you God, in you I sincerely believed
But now I feel dead, I’m my own bereaved
I always told myself that you’d set things straight
You didn’t, you never do, you enjoy hurting and call it fate
Do what you wish to me God, I fuckin don’t care
But don’t hurt her anymore, she’s a gem,a stone rare,
Love isn’t real, there that’s the truth right there,
Life isn’t divine, it’s a motherfuckin nightmare.