(Created by 50 paise in his younger, immature days before he became a responsible doctor with his very own advice column):

I’m fucking the whole cast of Sex and the city at a rapid pace,
Afterwards,I switch on TV,check for something which is not for gays,
What do i see?Fuckin’ Homo Will and his bitch Grace,
When I first saw it’s promo,thought it was just fillin’ space,
Can’t fuckin believe someone put it on air,
I’d rather watch Hillary Clinton bitchslap Tony Blair,
Aww!Will and Gracey are the best of chums!
And Gracey’s so crazy she even knows when he cums,
They never hide secrets,here let me tell you one,you both SUCK,
U want a hit show?Bend Grace over and tell Will to fuck,
Hate that show,the cast,crew,set,diction and plot,
hope it doesn’t last but grows an infection and rot,
Everytime they fight and make up,I’m pissed off, I feel like kicking their ass,
Here’s a story line,kill Will,then guest star KillBill star Lucy,let her lick Gracey,now that is real class,
Then there’s that fag jack in the box,
Hope he dies of AIDS or some pox,
A barren whore named Karen,
Starin’ at dicks like they’re Mclaren,
If you don’t like what i’m sayin’,Will’s ass u can munch,
While you’re at it,kiss his asshole,its closed and is clenched,
While i’ll be lickin ur girls’ tongues,authentic french!,
Will,U stupid homo,get a life,get a home,
‘Homo sweet homo’,
Oops!U cant you still got Grace stapled to your pants,
Here’s the show finale,Will murders Jack and eats his cock and sack,
Then he dies of suffocation,leaving Grace with Karen’s rack,
Bring ur ass bitches,let da paise give u a smack,
I’m coming to eat your nifty pussies,make some space,
But wait!before I eat them I just need to say Grace!!!