(Created by 50 paise in his younger, immature days before he became a responsible doctor with his very own advice column):

I’mma make it short, go straight to the point,
The biggest show where bitches show even their groins,
I ain’t mad at that but why do they pretend?
Like they respect each other and are happy to attend,
I’m talkin’ ’bout the motherfucking Oscars,
Where shitlickers come and read things off gross-cards,
Fuck those pussies!Who do they think they’re foolin’?
They just rollin’ with guys in whose movies they can get a role in,
The whole thing aint nothin’ but a damn hoax,
To fool y’all cheerin’,full of fan-hopes,
Dawg!Look at it,the bitch who fucks the most gets the win,
Halle Berry won when Billy Bob popped her cherry with his pin,
Nicole got her award cuz she’s a demonic pussy,
Using her cunthorns to sleep with all except Tom Cruise the hussy,
I hate to diss u honey but Charlize,
U think you got the Oscar for talent?Oh Pleez!,
Them horny judges seen ur previous nude movies,
Where ur talent is fuckin’ guys thin and obese,
She’s had more hot sex in her movies before,
Than in the one she won where she plays a whore!
And I saw that plump bitch Liv Tyler,
Hate her so much wanna have her tits eaten off by a Rotweiler,
That fuckin’ wench talks like she’s a goody-2-shoes,
Her mouth’s got cum-stench,from sucking woody dudes,
And Lord of the Rings?Screw it!Fuck the Hobbit!
Nobody wants to see that crap,Shut it and drop it!
Julia Roberts’s pussy hair has grown,time she cropped it!
Erin BrockaBITCH!Pompous hag,here’s a needle take ur ego and pop it,
She’s just a testosteronic whore licking dicks to control the men,
She should start taking pills and stop drinking semen,
Burn ’em all!Renee,Halle,Nicole and even Uma Thurman,
I ain’t even wastin’ ma words talkin’ about the males’ tales,
Scrotumsmelling fags are so old even their kidneys fail,
I don’t give a shitdrop ’bout these bastards,
I hope they all rot and go to hell faster,
Before I finish I’d like to thank Charlize for fuckin’ me good,
Fuck the movies! Fuck the Oscar!Fuck all and fuck Hollywood!!!!