(Created by 50 paise in his younger, immature days before he became a responsible doctor with his very own advice column):

It’s fuckin dumb to try and secure our future through education
That shit is way worse than premature ejaculation
School don’t ensure a foolproof livin
You don’t get nothin back but you gotta keep on givin
Fuck school, fuck college I repent havin done both
I learned fuckin squat and my life I now loathe
Motherfuckin authorities confine us like slaves
Tryin to break us and change how one behaves
School’s a fuckin controversy, it destroys our greatness
It curbs our freedom and our right to say “Fuck! I hate this”
They teach us to fear all and to distrust our own minds
Kick us into ditches and call swamps gold mines
The fuckers who control all try their best to brainwash us
Takes us for morons and tells us things obnoxious
We like fuckin idiots follow every rule they make
Fuck them dawgs do things for your own sake
Our dreams and desires are replaced by new ones
Created by them which fucks up our endurance
What we do is labelled as a motherfuckin let down
What they say is hailed as the acts of uptown
I fuckin wasted my whole life tryin to live their life
Fuck the universe I ain’t lookin down I’mma stare high
If they don’t like what I do I dare them to stop me
Fuck them all I won’t go down even if they try to top me
My life is for me to live whether I come up or I fuck up
But I won’t be their slave no I won’t fuckin succumb
They can shove all their rules and ideas up their cocksuckin asses
I don’t want nothin to do with those dogfuckin masses
So if any of u readin up got a shattered fuckin dream
You against the authority then you in my fuckin team!!