(Created by 50 paise in his younger, immature days before he became a responsible doctor with his very own advice column):

Yo parents, if you got a gay kid or a slutty hairy daughter
Then the perfect idol for them is that fuckin Harry Potter
I can’t fuckin believe people buy that shit
Fuck you Rowling, I’mma stop her and then spite that bitch
You stupid kids, instead of readin it you should go and hide that shit
The whole motherfuckin world must be full of retards
Rowling’s a trans, she’s a psycho,she has balls and pulls her dick hard
Harry Potter ain’t cool dawgs or slightly exciting
That fat bitch Kirstie Alley is more inviting
Rowling’s rich ‘cuz she writes ‘bot wizards??
Fuckin fake, I’ll fuck her numb in a fuckin blizzard
It’s ludicrous how people can read all that crap
There’s more adventure in a single line of my rap
Fuck wizard school and their pussy-ass game of quidditch
Fuckin Hermione’s ass makes more sense, she’s a kidbitch
It’s the new age, bitch, nobody goes and comes by brooms
I’ll fuck Hermy’s cunt so hard she’ll come all over my room
Harry Potter books sucked more than enough dick
Now the fuckin shit is spreadin with his every flick
Wanna know how Harry really got that mark on his forehead?
He was fuckin his mom stark naked and fell off her whorebed
Who the fuck is impressed by all that wizadry shit??
Only faggots! Die Rowling! For her funeral I’ll spit her this diss!