Of course, it all makes sense now. The venom that poisons the minds of several millions of people in the world, causing immutable segregation isn’t the bigoted, orthodox religious scriptures that people are taught to revere and live by. Nor is it the fact that a billion people are labeled terrorists because they have a beard or speak in Arabic or like lobsters. It’s not even the horny-for-power community leaders who brainwash their destitute vulnerable followers into believing that God wants everybody else but them to crawl into the ass of the Grim Reaper. None of these things ever influenced the dangerous narrow-mindedness and intolerance that we see rampant in our world. The reason behind all this racial hate is and has always been Tintin.

                 Copies of Tintin in Congo, the book that depicted tribal Africans in a way that made them look like autistic monkeys- the same way that National Geographic portrays tribal Africans- were, thankfully, taken off the children’s shelves where they could have proved highly dangerous to our society. They were replaced by copies of the novelization of The Passion of Christ which was in fact three hundred pages of “CRACK!” “MMMMPHH!” “CRACK!” “MMMMPHHH” “CRACK! OWWW!” It however taught children that Christ was their only savior and that Jews killed him.

                After successfully exposing the racist elements present in Tintin, race relations experts- also known as race-ins- focused on other possibly discriminatory works aimed at corrupting the innocent minds of children- nursery rhymes like “ba ba black sheep” which patently was formulated by a KKK member, “London bridge is falling down” which was penned by an Islamic fundamentalist that clearly sought to evoke feelings of terrorism, and “humpty dumpty sat on all” which was wrong in so many different ways. The concerned parents, aided by the support of the race-ins, also demanded that comics like Spiderman and Superman be banned as such comics propagated potentially character-corrupting ideas of helping people in need and being a hero. They, however, agreed to let their children read Batman and Robin since it was well in tune with today’s culture of pretending to tolerate and appreciate homosexuals who liked dressing up in body suits.

                The African community were infuriated by the demeaning and insulting manner in which the African tribesmen were sketched in the accused book, Tintin in Congo. They claimed that it stereotyped all Africans as uneducated and barbaric. They also demanded that the book be remade with the African tribesmen dressed in the traditionally appropriate African outfit:- which was tracksuits, diamond chains, golden rings, and some penis bling bling. And instead of the tribesmen hailing Tintin as the “great white god” in the book the African community wanted Tintin to be referred to as the “great fucking cracker”.

                  There is but one solution to eliminate the flurry of such hate-comics flooding our world. It’s a decision that we as responsible social creatures need to make together if we are to put an end to this discrimination. And that solution is for each community to have their own collection of comics which shouldn’t mention anything about anyone else but them- white people making their own white comics having nothing but ivory and black people making their own comics with nothing but ebony. It shouldn’t end with that: Christians should create comics exclusively with Christian characters and which are meant only for Christian readers (who’re again subcategorized according to their skin color), and similarly Hindus and Muslims as well. And hopefully with such preventive measures we shall one day be able to fully eradicate segregation.