(Created by 50 paise in his younger, immature days before he became a responsible doctor with his very own advice column):

I’m like slowly headin towards my college
Deep profound thoughts of Britney’s ass and cleavage
I’m so guessin this’s gon be just a normal day
Then on the road I see a fag in a tux, talk ‘bot being a formal gay
Corporate Homo! Fuck that cocksuckin flamin CEO
We went to the same fuckin school, hope that bitch don’t see me go
I hated him in school itself when he was runnin around suckin dicks
Tall bastard used to think he was IT, that wretched fuckin prick
Swindling people up and down to become motherfuckin rich
He ain’t got no skill, he’s just another lucky bitch
Devil’s a pussy if I’m spittin this cuz I’m bitter
He’s got a slutty wife but it’s been ages since he’s hit her
Just lookin at his face can make you go badly sick
He may be a bizness man but his only agenda’s straddlin dicks
That’s why I had to pay visits to his wife and rouse her clit
Even if he catches me in the act he still wudnt do lousy shit
Cuz he’s a motherfuckin coward and a bitchass hypocrite
Right from the time he fell out of his momma’s hippo clit
I bet that fag is right now on his way to assfuck his boyfriend
Look at that Mo, carrying his briefcase like a fuckin toytrunk
Must be loaded with vaseline and dildos, disgusting bastard
Hoping to get constipated beyond the help of oil of castor
Shit! He’s crossing the road now, Man, I gotta hide now
I need to escape now, can’t fuckin decide how
And as I freak out, I hear a loud motherfuckin scream
I see his buttfuckin ass fly across the road drippin red cream
That fag’s been hit to hell by a badass monster truck
Oh, well, I’m late for college and I don’t give a roasted FUCK!!!