(Created by 50 paise in his younger, immature days before he became a responsible doctor with his very own advice column):

Six people who are everything to each other, Hi we’re friends
Fuck that shit homie, that show ain’t even worth four cents
That fuckin series made it big for four reasons
Courtney and Aniston’s perky tits in the first four seasons
Friends is nothing but an audience screwer
You can find better humor in a fuckin sewer
Ain’t no friends like that in real life
All that forgivness and love is just mere hype
I hate that bitch Kudrow, the one who plays Phoebe
That slut is so horny she gave her chair a freebie
Her pussy craves dicks screaming come feel me
And her tits throbbing inside her bra yelling come free me
Monica the sexy bitch played by Courtney Cox
She’s no actress she just likes throating cocks
Fuck that lame Ross N Rachel on-off love storyline
Hell with that nerd Rach he’s just a sorry guy
Come over to my place and spend a night with da paise Aniston
I’ll fuck you so good, then let you lick my megasize piston
Die Matt le Blanc along with your bitch Matthew Perry
They are so flamin they plucked each other’s cherry
These motherfuckers and bitches waste our fuckin time
They earn millions, we’re left without a dime
Split your dough with us you wrinkled fuckers for making you famous
You cocksuckers ain’t nothin but half a dozen jerkoffs who’re lameass
You bastards think that I want you to be there for me?
Unload your wallets homies let’s see if you got some spare for me
And you three bitches, all I want you to do is just bare for me
I’m glad that stupid shit show is off the air
Only thing worse than FRIENDS would be watchin Tony Blair fuck Cher
All you motherfuckers are gone though it took you ten years
I couldn’t enjoy a moment of the show even if i had had ten beers
So Fuck all friends TV show and real ones
I’mma shoot everyone up with my dear guns!!