(Created by 50 paise in his younger, immature days before he became a responsible doctor with his very own advice column):

There’s nothing worth talkin or knowin ‘bot George Bush
Except one of his daughters who i know has got a large tush
How can such a fuckin moron be the President?
He’s so dumb he fucked his wife in the nose thinkin it was her pussy end
I hate his very sight and the sound of his voice
That motherfucker is more gay than Jacko with all his boys
Are the Americans so fuckin stupid that they can’t see it?
Fuck I can make better speeches than him even if I pee it
Bush’s just a bitchass fag waging wars for his dear ol dad
A bitter fucker who got fucked in the rear so bad
He let a bunch of lame motherfuckers burn the twin towers
Instead of takin care of his people he and Blair were in the shower
On 9/11 he wanted to say Oh God but he mispronounced and said damn!
Osama fucked his country but that stupid fuck went after Saddam
He could care less ‘bot what happens to all his fuckin people
He would have been kicked out if the Americans weren’t so fuckin feeble
Bill Clinton blew his load with a whore and he got impeached
Bush is blowing up countries and look where he’s reached
That dicksucker don’t even know how to eat a fuckin pretzel
His shrivelled up brain is smaller than a fuckin nutshell
That motherfuckin prick sucks KKK dick,he’s a fuckin racist
He’s screwed over minorities more times than Cher’s got facelifts
He should resign, marry Blair, be his wife, and choose the right blouse
He’s fucked so many blacks in the ass he’s turnin the whole country into a White House
I hope he fuckin dies and burns to ashes in hell
Or trip and fall over into a motherfuckin well
‘Cuz of his stupid fuckin ego thousands of soldiers are being killed
If he wants a war let him go fight it himself and get drilled
He’s sending his army to screw over innocent victims
If he wants Saddam’s dick he should go and hit him
Leave the people alone you motherfuckin pussy
What’s your compulsive need to blow up everything you see?
Fuck you, Bush! Fuck you to hell get the fuck out of this world with ur Texan dick
You make the Blacks, Whites, Spanish, Asians, and the Mexicans sick
Everybody wants you dead you’re nothing but a fuckin phoney
50 paise will slit your throat so go home while you can homie!!