(Created by 50 paise in his younger, immature days before he became a responsible doctor with his very own advice column):

This is a lyric celebrating a woman’s beauty,
Elaborating on a cutie’s boobs and bootie,
There maybe a million round tits and rears,
But ain’t none tighter than those of Britney Spears,
Oh!Just saying her name leaves me with an erection,
Download a picture of her,my dick loses direction,
Even impotent guys jackoff to her,she causes resurrection,
She has a place in my heart, in the ‘wanna-screw-you’ section’,
If there’s anybody’s ass I’d suck it’s surely Britney’s,
Let me chew your nipples,here’s 20bucks,consider it tit-fees,
Don’t get me wrong,I dig her songs,voice and all,
I thought she did a nice job in that video rock and roll,
Only she’d do a better job swallowing my cock and balls,
She’s reached the point where she need sing no more,
Let the music run,drop the top and spin like a whore,
She’s ever the same, it don’t matter if she’s rich,
She was never so tame, she was always a bitch,
Sometimes i wanna get mean behind her and hit that baby one more time,
Would’ve screwed her ass when she was sixteen if it had not been a crime,
She messes with our minds exposing those abs,
I’ve run out of money,now websites are taking my tabs,
That bitch should just quit this posing,stop making us gape,
Either go kill herself or release her sextape,
If she ever lets me our relationship will move on to rape,
Since she’s letting me rape,the law cant catch me,ill easily escape,
When she closes her eyes and bites her lips,
My cock loses it all and emerges despite flops and flips,
Just take into your mouth Britney,yeah just drink it,
Imagine it’s a microphone,suck it and lip sync it,
Dance away and come to me, let me smell your sweat,
Hop around on my dick let me make you wet,
I’m telling you babe,i’m good,infact the best you’ll ever get,
My dick is bigger than ur grammies,come on let’s make a bet,
If I lose i’ll come to your toilet and watch you piss,
If u lose you’ll let me have a threesome with you and your sis!!