The Indian Soccer Team plays with the faith of a terminally ill pessimist; the achievements of the Indian Hockey Team are as impressive as George Bush’s grammar; and our beloved Indian Cricket Team has more injuries under its belt than wins. These statistics might bring a sense of hopelessness to ordinary youngsters but the young population in India is anything but ordinary. That is exactly why, when faced with this situation where the popularity of the traditional sports is declining, they have regenerated the seeds of a sport that just might see India placed amongst the top athletic nations in the world.

                 This sport has been around since time immemorial and adult Indians have always been very competitive in this particular sport, especially when playing against our own domestic teams. However, the indefatigable enthusiasm that Indian children, both teens and preteens, have been showing recently towards this sport has got to be the most encouraging factor of them all. I’m, of course, referring to the emerging sport of manslaughter.

                 The amazing thing about this sport is that it can be played as singles or doubles; it is also often played in teams with each team consisting of varying number of players; it can be an indoor as well as an outdoor sport; and most of the people playing the sport, especially the youngsters, are often driven by passion, although there are some who play just for the money, the fame or the window seat in a school bus. The fascinating aspect about manslaughter is that there is no specific training that one can get to learn how to play it; the children, in particular, develop interest in the sport by emulating the legendary names in the sport, which one can look up in the members-list of the Indian Parliament; some also get inspired by watching television programs that bear striking resemblances to the sport of manslaughter like the debates on NDTV and CNN-IBN.

                   Recent accomplishments in the sport have shown that our country has great young potential that could help us build a strong, very formidable Under-19 and Under-13 team which could even challenge the established teams of USA and Germany. They are, of course, in possession of much sophisticated sporting equipments when compared to the culinary knives and clenched up fists that our players play with; however, the rate at which the sport is being played all around our country injects us with the hope that it’s only a matter of time before our young players, too, get their hands, more frequently, on similar sophisticated equipments.

                 However, what some players getting into the sport fail to realize is that with fame comes its burdens. If you’re labeled as a star player your fame is most likely to isolate you from your friends and family and you could end up spending most of your life with other star players in your locker rooms. Although, for children, growing up in our country absorbing the scenes that they see around them where their elders turn into fanatics when it comes to this unique sport, it’s hard not to indulge in it. However, I just have one request to all the players of this game, children and adults—don’t ever invite me to one of your games; nothing personal, I guess I’m just a spoilsport.