One of my lifelong dreams has been to one day visit the city of Paris, take in the beauty of Eiffel Tower, interact with the French people, and put to good use the only sentence that I know in the French language: Je veux faire l’amour à votre femme. I think it means “I love life” or something poetic like that. So, the first thing I decide to do is gather information on Paris so I can have a comprehensive idea about what to expect there. I take my trusty Oxford Dictionary of World Place Names and look it up:

 Paris:¾ A land inhabited by Parsis. The city was named after its first queen, Paris Hilton the First who was also the first Parsi Hilton.

                  I didn’t want to go all the way to Paris just to meet a bunch of Parsis. So, I make up my mind and can the idea of going to Paris. I open up the Oxford Dictionary and scan the glossary and focus on the dream destination entries. Now, that looks like a list of places where I can go and relax:

Dream Destinations

The Republic of Iraq:¾ One of the hottest tourist spots in the Middle East that’s buzzing with life day and night. Thousands of Americans and British vacation in the sandy beaches of Iraq under the warm, crackling sun every year; some even find it difficult to leave the place. Even if it’s only to shoot some hoops, do some hunting, or to, simply, have a blast Iraq is the place to be. 

Pakistan:¾ Might very well turn out to be the next Iraq as the Government sponsored entertainments in the country are slowly capturing the attention of international tourists. Shopping in open market places and taking bus rides in Pakistan are two activities that are just to die for. 

China:¾ A country filled with Japanese people, this is the place for shopping if you are interested in getting top quality authentic gadgets and equipments.  

Japan:¾One of the largest English speaking countries in the world, Japan is the home of some very famous global celebrities like Jackie Chan, Charlie Chan, and Amitabh Bach Chan.                 

                  All the places that I see in the Oxford Dictionary Dream Destination list hold great promise especially some African nations like Korea and Hong Kong. However, I still do not feel overwhelmed by an urge to just pack my bags and go to any of these heavenly locations. I want to vacation some place where luxury is commonplace, where pleasure is embraced, and love is all around. All of a sudden, my eyes, which were scanning the open Dictionary, fall on the one place that epitomizes serenity, pleasantness, and comfort more than any other place on this earth.  

 Hell:¾Renowned for its great historic significance, this is one place that will appeal to your mind, body, and soul. Marked by a uniquely tropical climate, Hell is the one place where cultural coexistence has been stable for a very long time. Accommodating residents from virtually every nation in the world, Hell can be appropriately named the official melting pot of the world. So lose your inhibitions, carry your summer clothes, and come down to the real land down under.

                 Hot, happening, and rich with cultural heritage¾all the things that I’m seeking for in my perfect holiday spot. Finally, I make up my mind. To give myself a break from all the tension that’s been happening around in our world, I’m going to the one place that will be much more peaceful than home. I’m going to Hell.